Simplifying your web presence

The future of web design for small businesses and organizations is flexible, feature-rich templates.

After years of creating custom designed websites from scratch I have observed a trend towards the use of website builders as they improve in their design and technical quality. They allow you to design your eye-catching, effective website for a fraction of the cost. But not all website builders are created equally. Consider if: they are upfront about the cost; it is easy to use; it includes standard features like blogs, social media linking and shopping carts; it allows customization and third-party applications; it automatically creates a mobile-ready site without requiring duplicate designing. Currently I use the leading-edge website builder Squarespace* as it meets all these requirements. With a website builder, there is flexibility for you on whether you design and update all, some or none of the site. I can assist you in getting started, designing your entire site, editing your website, training you to update the template, or setting up the more technical features.

*Squarespace is at the forefront of combining a premium website builder and hosting service. Add your own touch with personalization of fonts, colours and layouts. The Squarespace content management system (CMS) creates mobile-ready sites, allows for search engine optimization, and includes analytics. Optional features for your web presence include on-line stores, a blogging platform, galleries, and social media. Many third-party software applications specifically designed for selling products such as e-books or artwork, or making room reservations, etc. are compatible with Squarespace and will save you in website development costs.

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